Black glove Abosaham without powder medium10*100 pcs)

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Size: Medium
Color: Black
Material: Vinyl
Material type: Powder Free, Latex Free
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Product Specifications

Size Medium
Sales Package 1000pcs
Color: Black
Material Vinyl
Material type Powder Free, Latex Free
Made in China
Brand Abosaham
Type Disposable Gloves

Product Description

  • Rubber Gloves Disposable Latex Free - Clear Vinyl Gloves for Cleaning, Cooking, Hair Coloring, Dish washing, Food Handling and Food Service, Allergy Free.
  • Ideal Usage: Disposable powder-free vinyl gloves are ideal for multi-usage in the kitchen, events, forensic, scientific, art & industrial application.
  • Powder Free: These powder-free vinyl gloves leaves no residue, helping to reduce the likelihood of spreading unwanted bacteria compared to a powdered glove.
More Information
Color Black
size M
Quantity Carton
warecode F17A3lkj
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